Our Fall - Winter ‘19/20 puppy waiting list is open!!!

Milton, ON Canada


Proud to breed weimaraners

How is living with a weimaraner?

Weimaraners are clowns


They will make you laugh all the time!!!1 They are very easy to train and love being trained. They want to please you so you can teach them  all the tricks you want.

They are sweet dogs


Yep! They are irresistible

They are playful


They are ready to play all the time and sometimes it is sooooo hard to say no!

They are great companions

Nothing better than a nap with your weim


They love to be with you, it doesn't matter how. 

In our experience they are great with kids


But you must teach your kid how to approach a weimaraner and train your weim very early.

They are restless


Even if their paws get frozen  they will go forever

They love working and please you

We trained them to bring sticks for the fireplace and every day we go for walks they come with one. Thank you guys!!!!


They keep our hearts and body warm :)

They are natural guardians


They are very protective with their family.  

With proper socialization they are great with other dogs


They are simply beautiful, almost the perfect dog!


Aristrocratic look, minimal grooming, no hair everywhere, no drooling, always elegant....... so is there any downside????

I said "almost" the perfect dog


Let me put the full picture 

Do you see the white mark on the wall?


They were a little bit bored and started to chew it. Weims love chewing and if you don't provide them with new toys they can chew even your walls.

The most important "they want to be with you"

It doesn't matter how


They don't like to be left alone. If it is reading a book about dinosaurs, they don't care, believe me. The will love it, if that means being with you.

They need lots of attention


They can suffer severe separation anxiety. They want to be with you, so if you cannot spend lots of time with your weim, this is not the breed for you. 

They are sporting dogs


They are very active and really need outdoor exercise. Once all that extra energy is burned out they behave well and stay calm inside the house. Remember a good weimaraner is a tired weimaraner.

They call them VELCRO dog

They will follow you through the house. Yep! Even the bathroom.


They love digging!


So we taught ours to dig on command, so they help us to make holes for new plants.  Well... some holes they decided to do by their own. We definitely need to buy some more plants.

They are manipulators


And with that sweet face and those blue eyes it is really hard to say NO. You must set up the rules from day one. They are very smart dogs and will challenge you all the time.

They are hunting dogs


So be prepared to receive some animals dead or alive ( as in this case a sweet wild bunny) that your weim will proudly bring to you from your backyard.

Weims are big dogs


Puppy stage is really short. A full grown weimaraner is heavy and overpowering

Weims need an owner who provides strong leadership


They have a strong willed mind of his own, requiring a confident owner who can take charge. Training is a must when it comes to a weimaraner.

Still considering a weimaraner?

They get very attached to you


They bond to their human very closely, they will be your true shadow. So if you are not the kind of super affectionate owner this is not the breed for you.

If they get bored and anxious they'll do a mess


You need to crate train your puppy for his safety and the safety of your house. Once trained they usually do well. 

They are curious


So get used to  "nose art" on your windows.

You need to give time to your weim


Weims require supervision, interaction, and quality time every day. 

They are not a backyard dog


Except you are in the backyard with them!!!

Did I tell you they want to be with you?


The most important thing for a weim is you. Pls think about it. Are you ready to spend 12 years of your life with a weimaraner? It is a life commitment.

If so, you'll have the most loyal companion.

Are you totally sure????

If you are 100% sure you are very welcome to come and visit us and share some time with our weims


Pls send us an email  to giselatundis@yahoo.com for a puppy application first.

We´ll explain you all the process and how we select the puppies that will fit in your family


Weims are better for older kids but our four kids were raised with weims and one of them actually learned to walk with one so some exceptions apply.

We´d love to listen about you


When you send us an email please tell us a little bit about you, your lifestyle, members, etc. Thanks!